Ob-gyne Allegedly Turned Down a Pregnant Woman in Labor; Baby Dies

A doctor from a famous hospital in the Philippines reportedly denied the admission of a pregnant woman in critical condition.

Andrew Pelayo recounted the horrifying experience his family had after an ob-gyne at the University of Sto. Tomas (UST) hospital in Manila, identified as Dr. Ana Liezl Sahagun, allegedly refused to admit his pregnant wife in labor due to lack of money. Despite the wife’s critical condition, Dr. Sahagun reportedly advised Pelayo to bring her to another hospital after learning that he only had P6,000 cash.

A desperate Pelayo was able to rush his wife to Jose Reyes hospital. Unfortunately, the hospital didn’t have an incubator so Pelayo opted to bring his wife back to UST hospital. Dr. Sahagun once again asked Pelayo to bring his wife to East Avenue hospital.

“Sir, bakit pa kayo bumalik dito? Di ba sinabi ko naman sa inyo hindi niyo kakayanin dito. Dahil mo na yan sa East Avenue aabot pa kayo,” Dr. Sahagun apparently told Pelayo.

(Sir, why did you come back? I already told you that you are not capable of paying the hospital bill. Bring her to East Avenue, she’ll still make it.)

Pelayo’s wife immediately underwent caesarean section after being brought to East Avenue hospital. Sadly, the operation was not able to save the life of their baby.

Moreover, Pelayo was informed by one of the doctors at East Avenue hospital that his wife barely escaped death.

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PHOTO CREDIT: Elite News Feed

PHOTO CREDIT: Elite News Feed

PHOTO CREDIT: Elite News Feed

PHOTO CREDIT: Elite News Feed

What is an ob-gyne?

A physician specialist who provides medical and surgical care to women and has specific expertise in pregnancy, childbirth or disorders of the reproductive system is called an ob-gyne or an obstetrician/gynecologist, according to Health Communities.