Woman Finds Her iPhone 1 Month After Dropping It In The Sea And It’s Still Working!

If you accidentally dropped your iPhone in the sea, it would be safe for you to assume that you’ll never get it back. Or even if you did, it probably wouldn’t be working anymore anyway.

This story, however, tells us otherwise.

Stacy Sarre, 47 years old, have given up hope about finding her Apple device after “it was swept out to sea after she dropped it while walking her dog on the beach,” a Mirror article tells us.

However, a passer-by with a tracking app was able to spot the phone’s GPS which indicated it has been washed away into the English Channel off Gorey Beach in Jersey.


Several weeks after that, Mihal Stratulat, who works as a metal ditectorist, was able to find the phone buried in the sand. He took it home and dried it out. A few days later, he was surprised when the device flickered back to life.

Mihal said:

“I found the phone about 15 inches under the sand. It had been there for around a month.

“My wife told me to put it in the bin after two days of it not turning on – but then it came on and I couldn’t believe it.”

He later got in touch with the owner and gave her the gadget back.

To Stacey’s surprise, she found that all her pictures, videos, and contacts are in completely intact.

Stacey said:

“It’s working perfectly, just as before. Nothing had been lost on it.

“The phone had been down a toilet in a Crete airport before too – it’s absolutely crazy.”

Now that’s one tough phone!

How Do You Avoid Dropping Your Mobile Phone?

“Dropped phones,” according to WikiHow, “are susceptible to damage, breakage and cosmetic deterioration.”


Photo credit: Pixabay

If you want to avoid the mishap of always dropping your device, the website gives 6 practical tips:

• Pay attention as to where you place your phone.
• Be careful where you use the phone.
• Stay off the toilet when using your phone.
• Put a durable and non-slip cover over the phone.
• Train yourself to get into the good habit of putting the phone back after each call.
• Recharge the phone in a safe and secure spot.