Son of a Jeepney Driver and Son of a Farmer Finish College as Magna Cum Laude!

A lot of out-of-school kids often have the same reason for quitting school: their parents are too poor to support them in their studies; thus, they turn to peddling or begging in the streets just to earn some extra cash for themselves or even for their own families.

So, it is with great joy that we share to you the success of two young men from two different families – poor families at that!

The son of a jeepney driver, Erick Flores graduated as magna cum laude from his mechanical engineering course in Mindanao State University (MSU), reports ABS-CBN News.

His proud father, Edwin, admits they were poor and he has to work extra hard for his son to finish school. Edwin felt wonderful that Erick has graduated from college despite the financial constraints, saying he was not expecting it but the medal was a welcome bonus.

Son of a Jeepney Driver and Son of a Farmer Finish College as Magna Cum Laude!

Photo credit: Jay Dayupay, ABS-CBN News

Erick would have to go to Cebu to review for the upcoming board exam, something the family has to prepare for, especially on the financial aspect. Still, graduating as magna cum laude would certainly open a lot of doors for this young man.

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Meanwhile, a farmer’s son also graduated as magna cum laude, this time in civil engineering.

What makes these young graduates’ honors even more admirable is that there were only three who received the distinction of magna cum laude in the school for SY 2014-2015!

Magna Cum Laude

The distinction “magna cum laude” means “with great honor”; thus a graduate conferred as magna cum laude had graduated with great honor. The Latin term has grade equivalents; though the requirements vary across countries and among the schools.

This Latin honor is not the highest a graduate can receive. The lowest Latin honor is cum laude (which means “with honor”) while the highest is suma cum laude (which means “with highest honor”).

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