Need a Job? Working from Home Can Bring You Big Money!

Are you looking for a job but could not seem to find one in the busy urban jungle filled with lots of competition? You might want to explore the option of working at home.

These days, more and more people are turning to this alternative, embracing working from home not just because they can spend more time with the family but freelance jobs can actually bring lots of money!

If in the past people were afraid to go freelance and be out of the usual office environment, things have changed these days with advances in technology. It is now easier to bring the office at home – and some companies are even willing to pay these home-office workers more money.

home office

Of course, aside from money as the major factor why people choose to work from home, they find it better to choose this career path since they spend more time with their family. Plus, they do not have to deal with the long commute, spend money on gas, and spend more money on food and clothes that come with having an office job as they can work in their pajamas and simply eat food from their own kitchen.

This means lesser effort, lesser expenses compared with getting ready for a job outside the home.

Of course, there are disadvantages to work from home arrangements. For example, freelancers have to pay for their own taxes, PhilHealth/medical plans, SSS, etc. Also, in most cases, there is no chance you would go higher in the corporate ladder and become supervisor or manager yet many freelancers would laugh at that, saying they might not become supervisors or managers in the corporate sense but they are already managers by their own right!

Check out this video for a wonderful success story about working from home:


A freelancer is a person who may or may not be committed to a long-term employment with a particular employer/company. Most freelancers are identified as self-employed individuals and do not necessarily answer to a specific employer.

They could have employers without a contract or some employers may require a contract but without fixed work terms. Some freelancers also do work they sell or auction off to prospective employers. Some work on fixed per hour rates while others work on a per project basis.

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