After Seeing Dad Feed His Mom, Adorable Kid Also Does the Same

Kids are very observant; more often than not they copy what they see adults do, especially their parents. This is the reason why it is important that we live by example and not just tell kids to follow what we tell them to do, but not our actions!

In a viral video shared on Instagram by netizen Sharimi Shaharudin, a family was dining at Restoran Paklong Ikan Bakar in Selangor, Malaysia.

According to Shaharudin, he does not know the family but was impressed when he saw that the father was feeding the mother who had her hands full as she was holding a baby. Of course, this might be common to some families but you rarely see this happening nowadays, even if the wives are busy taking care of their babies.

But while Shaharudin was taking a video, feeling inspired by this family, he really had to smile with what happened next.

Seeing his dad’s actions as an excellent example, the older kid followed suit and also tried to feed his mother even though he was sitting on a high chair and would not be able to reach his mother.

Knowing this is an important lesson to teach the child, the mother did not stop the kid. Instead, she stood up and leaned forward so the boy wouldn’t have a hard time.

Of course, it would probably have been easier if the mom had her own plate and fed herself but it was a beautiful gesture to see the men in her life, her husband and her young son, taking turns in feeding her while she’s busy with the baby.

When the husband fed the wife, it drew my attention because he was not selfish at all. The most touching moment was when the son copied the dad and fed the mother as well. I might have only managed to record it once, but actually it happened a few more times after that,” Shaharudin shared.

Isn’t this a sweet thing?


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