Mom’s “Thanksgiving Video” for People Who Saved Her Son’s Life Will Break Your Heart

In 2004, life seemed perfect for Kellie Haddock who had just given birth to her first child Eli. Just 14 weeks after having her son, Kellie lost her husband Aj in a tragic car accident, while her son was severely injured.

Ten years after the tragedy, Kellie finds herself in a mission to thank everyone who helped save the life of her son. She created a heartwarming video entitled “The Thank You Project – A Mother Finds The People Who Saved Her Son’s Life” for her son’s heroes.

With almost 1 million views on Youtube, Kellie’s 5-minute documentary video featured her showing gratitude to the team of doctors and medical staff who brought miracle to their lives.

Watch Kellie’s tear-jerking video here.

Now a motivational speaker, singer, songwriter, and a full-time mother of three, Kellie   gave love another chance when she married Tedd, five years ago. Her new husband adopted Eli and they now have three children.

“If my story encourages you, I hope you will be willing to honor others with yours.” she wrote in her blog

Thanksgiving Celebration in the US

A family holiday celebrated every fourth Thursday of November in the US, Thanksgiving Day has been an annual tradition for many Americans since 1863.

Many Americans regard 1621 as the year when the “First Thanksgiving” was celebrated. In that year, Pilgrims held a feast for three days following their first harvest in the New World. About 90 native Americans and 53 Pilgrims attended the celebration.

Today, Thanksgiving day is considered as one of the major holidays in North America. Families and friends gather around to have a special meal that includes turkey, pumpkin pie, and vegetables. Aside from giving thanks for what they have, the special day also involves some seasonal parades and football games in some parts of  the US.

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