Mom Starts YouTube Cooking Channel During Lockdown, Quickly Gains Success

One mom starts a YouTube cooking channel during the lockdown and has quickly gained success in this venture! It’s so successful, in fact, that her husband quit his job to help her work on the channel on a full-time basis. Wow.

Lockdown Hobbies

During the lockdown, a lot of people had nothing much to do at home. So, plenty found time to work on their previously forgotten hobbies or even discovered new ones. And while many were binge-watching their favorite shows on Netflix, others were also having fun with YouTube videos.

Yet others also found a way to earn money now that they had plenty of time on their hands.

A mom in Malaysia named Sugu Pavithra would find internet fame after learning how to make videos and posting them on YouTube. Her vlogging career started on January 29, 2020 as many countries around the world began to struggle with the COVID-19 crisis.

Lockdowns were imposed in many places, with Malaysia coming down with a Movement Control Order (MCO) aimed to stop the fast spread of the virus.

Trying to make ends meet, Pavithra discovered that people could earn money on YouTube. So, she started her own cooking channel with videos of food preparations that are easy for people to also do at home. The channel was an instant hit!

With her natural talent in Pavithra seemed like a seasoned TV host while doing the clips. Within just a month, her channel already had over 328,000 subscribers. By June, the number doubled. It is quite likely that before the year ends, Pavithra would already have 1 million subscribers. Isn’t that amazing?

Pavithra also shares glimpses of her life with her family as she interacts with them while preparing and serving the food. Quite amazingly, the channel now has more than 23.4 million views in less than 5 months. Way to go, Pavithra!

Top YouTube Categories

There are plenty of YouTube categories for content creators. The most popular channels are those for entertainment, food, gaming, beauty and fashion, and music.

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