Miss Thailand Helped Mother Earn Money as a Student

Back in the days when she was still in school, Miss Universe Thailand Chalita Suansane sold food and helped her mother earn money in various ways – and this would earn her praise from netizens now that she joined the prestigious international beauty pageant.

Suansane made it to the Top 6 but failed to advance to the Top 3 after the first Question and Answer Portion; thus, she lost her chance to be crowned as Miss Universe 2016. Still, this did not stop Suansane from going viral after the competition.

She posted the following on Facebook accompanied by a side-by-side photo of her as a youngster selling food to a recent photo of her wearing a stunning gown:

Photo credit: Chalita Suansane / Facebook

I helped my mother to earn money since 4 years old and holding the heart of your country to a competition with 85 lovely ladies around the universe is a tough battle. To be confidently beautiful and make my country proud is my goal to hopefully be crowned as Miss Universe. I can’t guarantee i’ll win but i’ll do my best.????

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A lot of netizens couldn’t help but comment how she had surely changed a lot since the old photo was last taken but everyone hopes she still remains that hardworking kid who was not ashamed to sell food to help her mother earn money for a living.

Less than a week after she posted the photos, the post has received over 63k likes and more than 7,250 shares on social media.

There were also over a thousand comments, commending Suansane for being a great kid while growing up and that she was surely rewarded for her actions…

What is Thailand?

Thailand is a beautiful country in Asia ruled by a king. It is well known for its opulent palaces, stunning beaches, and amazing nightlife options which make the country a favorite among international tourists.