Funny Video: “Chefs” Went on Stage with Nothing but Frying Pans

It is amazing how some people can really incorporate humor in their performance – and make such an exciting show even with very uninspiring props like frying pans. Mind you, however, that these shiny frying pans are the stars of the show in this hilarious video which stars two men who had no clothes on, except for a toque (a chef’s hat).

This is not the first time such a funny burlesque feat was attempted on a TV show but this one really tops the others. In the beginning, each man was bringing two frying pans but after one of them loses a pan, he swiftly evens out the imbalance by throwing away one of his friend’s pan.

Such a performance requires perfect timing and coordination, of course, but these two were able to achieve their goal by making their audience laugh. They even had a standing ovation after the show – from the audience, of course!

I could only imagine the hours these two had put in to perfect this hilarious performance but kind of wondering what would have happened if someone skips a beat and the two topple over or lose both their pans. LOL.

Check out the funny video here:

Burlesque Show

Because a lot of burlesque shows in the past had featured scantily clad women, “burlesque” is often associated with adult shows (in bars and cabarets) but in reality, this is not the truth. Well, some burlesque shows are especially made for adults but this performance does not only focus on these shows.

Burlesque is a literary, dramatic or musical work intended to cause laughter by caricaturing the manner or spirit of serious works, or by ludicrous treatment of their subjects… Burlesque overlaps in meaning with caricature, parody and travesty, and, in its theatrical sense, with extravaganza, as presented during the Victorian era.” – Wikipedia

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