Malaysian Guy Sparks Outrage after ‘Drinking’ Cat’s Milk for Retweets

It could not be denied that the internet has been such a useful tool for us, yet this has also brought about some really crazy things and fads that leave many of us scratching our heads. For instance, there is a long list of crazy social media challenges that a lot of people actually participated in, no matter how idiotic some of these fads are!

Sadly, many people will also do anything for social media likes and shares. One of these is a Malaysian guy named Azim Nazhan (@hansvii_) who asked his social media friends for 28 retweets so he would do something outrageous: drink milk from the cat that had just given birth at their home! Disgusting, eh?

Photo credit: MStar

You might think this guy is too crazy to do this and that his friends will just ignore his post, but it turned out he had equally crazy friends who thought it would be good to see him drink milk from the mother cat. Others egged him on, actually retweeting the post as if to dare him to really drink the milk.

When he got the minimum 28 retweets he asked from friends, the guy would soon share pictures of himself appearing to drink from the mother cat! Then, he shared a photo with some drops of milk on his chin, implying that he had really done it.

Photo credit: MStar

While he and his friends thought it was cool, even hilarious, many netizens were not happy with his post. Many netizens were angry that he would do such a thing, saying that this was not just disgusting but also disrespectful to the mother cat! What was he thinking?

But after sparking outrage on social media, Azim later admitted to faking the photos. He said that while he appeared to really drink milk from the cat, he actually used boxed milk for the next picture. He claimed that he only did this to ‘entertain’ his friends.

Photo credit: MStar

What’s a Social Media Challenge?

A social media challenge is something that people do specifically for social media. The gist of this challenge is that you do something (often outrageous or perhaps unbelievable) and take a photo or video to post on social media as proof that you did it.