Google Executive Takes 100 Pills Everyday to be Immortal

A 67-year-old Google Executive is gulping 100 pills everyday in order to live forever.

Ray Kurzweil, the director of engineering for Google, is taking radical measures just to have a shot at immortality.

Ray Kurzweil


Everyday, he takes 100 pills for his heart, eye, sexual and brain health. A report revealed that he takes 30 of the pills in the morning, and 70 more within the day.

Kurzweil used to ingest 250 pills everyday in the past. Since his discovery of “more bio-available forms” of the supplements, Kurzweil can now take 2 instead of 10 pills.

In addition, Kurzweil eats a rather bizarre diet. For breakfast, he consumes 85 calories of berries, 170 calories of dark chocolate infused with espresso, 150 to 350 calories of porridge, 100 calories of smoked salmon and mackerel, and 100 calories of soy milk.

Kurzweil, whose father passed away at the age of 58, believes that his unique diet and pills can make him live longer

The common wisdom is it’s 80 percent genes, 20 percent lifestyle. If you’re diligent, it’s 90 percent intervention and 10 percent genes,” he said.

Employee Perks at Google

To give its employees more reasons to stay in the company, Google gives them perks that may only remain a fantasy for most of us. Not only do these benefits make employees happier, their productivity at work is also increased.

Here are some of the perks Google employees get to enjoy, according to Business Insider.

  • They get to eat free healthy gourmet food at for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • Googlers at the Mountain View campus can get free ride to and from work.
  • Pets are allowed at the office.
  • Googlers get a free massage for a job well done.
  • Parents can avail of 18 weeks of maternity leave and 6 weeks of paternity leave.
  • They also get “baby bonding bucks” to cover for formula, diaper, and takeout expenses.
  • They offer amazing death benefits. Spouses can receive half of the deceased Googler’s salary for the next 10 years. The children of the deceased Googler gets to receive $1,000 monthly from Google.
  • They get to attend fitness classes and use gyms for free.
  • Google’s 80/20 rule allows Googlers to spend 80% of their time for their job and 20% for their passion.
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