Make the Most of Your Garage Workshop

For the majority of people, garages are places to store junk. But it doesn’t need to be this way.

Organizing your garage workshop is not a one size fits all project. With the proper planning, you can make the most of the space available to you and reclaim your workshop’s functionality.

Whether it’s a modestly budgeted makeover that improves your storage efficiency or a more elaborate remodel, the time is now to get a handle on the items that limit the usefulness of this vital room in your home.

garage workshop

Tips for Creating A Space-Efficient Garage Workshop

Declutter the Junk

Get all hands-on deck and have the family pitch in to help. Rusty old fencing, broken electronic equipment you never got round to fixing, and old furniture you don’t need but don’t have the heart to throw out, they all need to go. Whether you donate to a good cause or throw it away if the item hasn’t been used in the last two years, it’s time to let it go.

If you have any leftover partially used paint cans check out the paint’s consistency; here’s how to tell if your stored paint is still usable. While storing paint for touch-ups is a great idea, it will be of no use to you as it’s unusable.

In addition to old paint, the average garage houses all sorts of hazardous products such as varnishes, stains, garden fertilizer, and general household cleaners. Most of these products have expiry dates. Keeping chemicals and hazardous products past their shelf life pose a flammable hazard.

Once you have decluttered, you will get a better idea of your workspace and what type of storage solutions you need to invest in.

Storage Solutions

Your garage will have more wall space than floor space, so look for ways to incorporate vertical storage such as wall hangers. A simple way is to install hooks on the walls for hanging tools such as gardening equipment and hosepipes.

When it comes to smart storage solutions, you want to invest in good quality products such as Waterloo toolboxes, storage chests, and bulk storage solutions.

Also, look at your overhead space. You could suspend shelving or pallets from the ceiling and create more storage space by installing ceiling hooks to hang bicycles, fishing rods, and other items.

The Workshop

Not all garages are created equal in that they can accommodate a freestanding workbench. Consider installing a wall-mounted collapsible workbench that can be tucked against the wall when not in use If your garage doesn’t have the floor space to include a workbench while the car is parked inside. If your garage space permits, a space-efficient mobile workbench is the way to go as it allows you to work both in and outside the garage.

The key to having a great workshop is good lighting. Bright lights will illuminate the entire garage, while for more precise projects, a table lamp on your workbench is a good idea.

Along with lightning is the need for enough outlets to plug in all your lights, tools, and machines at one time. Look at installing overhead plug boxes and cables for your power tools so that the cables don’t get in the way of anything else in the garage. If you don’t have the correct amperage, talk with an electrical contractor about making a simple upgrade.

A pegboard is also a great way to hang and organize smaller tools that normally get consigned to a drawer or cupboard.

Tools of the Trade

You can accomplish many projects with just a few basic tools. Whether you’re planning to spend time building and repairing things or completing DIY chores for your house, investing in good, quality tools is a must. Here are some of the essential tools of the trade that every garage workshop needs:

  • A good power drill
  • Corded 7 1/4-inch circular saw
  • A two-or four-foot carpenter’s (or spirit) level
  • A 25-footer with one-inch wide tape measure
  • Curved claw hammer
  • Straight-slot or Phillips screwdrivers in various sizes
  • Utility knife with a retractable blade.
  • A 3/8-inch socket wrench with extenders and a set of sockets
  • Slip-joint pliers

A Well-Organized Workshop Is a Form of Therapy

Described by some as therapeutic, having an organized garage workshop provides you with a private place to work on the projects you enjoy. But more importantly, it is somewhere you can go to work out issues and be at one with your thoughts. Now, what’s not to love about that?