Here’s Where You Should Really Apply Your Perfume

If you’re spraying your perfume on your neck and wrists, you’re applying it the wrong way. According to experts, spritzing perfume on your belly button can do wonders.

Steven Claisse, a senior perfumer at fragrance company Takasago, said dabbing a few drops of perfume on any part of the body that radiates heat will intensify the scent.


He told The Daily Mail UK: “Any area on your body that radiates heat will enhance a scent, and your belly button does just that.”

Ruth Mastenbroek, a UK-based perfume expert agrees with Claisse saying the navel is the optimal place for you to put scent. According to Mastenbroek, the body heat coming from the pulse point on your belly button and its little indent makes it the perfect place to spread the fragrance.

Aside form your belly button, Mastenbroke said the areas behind your elbows and knees are great points to apply the perfume. Your feet and ankle are also perfect areas to put the perfume since they help waft the perfume around you because they move all the time.

American actress Liz Tyler also admitted using the same technique as her father, rockstar Steven tyler taught her to apply the scent in the body part where you heat up.

“I put little drops on my fingers and put some under my arms and in my belly button,” Tyler revealed.

The Origin of Perfume

The origin of perfume can be traced back to the time of ancient Egyptians, who utilized scents from daily wear to religious ceremonies. To denote their status, the rich Egyptians would spray aromas such as lily on themselves.

While the Persians used perfumes as a sign of political status, the Greeks and Romans viewed it as a form of art and mass produced it in consistent quality.