DIY Project: A Secret Door with a Bookcase and Fake Book Latch

Having a secret room in the house could be handy during days when you just want to “escape” from your family without really having to leave the house or could be very valuable just in case of emergency problems such as a burglary or some kind of attack.

Of course, we are not wishing anything bad to happen to you and your family; thus, we are hoping you will get to enjoy this secret door for more exciting, more fun reasons like having a secret spot where you and your family can have a good time!

In the video tutorial made by YouTube channel, I Like To Make Stuff, we are shown just how the secret door was created. A detailed list of things you will need can be found on a separate blog post on his blog but you can see just how he created the secret door through the video.

This cool door is made to look like a real bookcase and is much shorter than usual doors to make it look more authentic. Of course, placing visible latches and handles on the shelves will give away the secret door; thus, hidden hinges were used and a fake book latch was created.

You’d surely love this project. Don’t forget to send us photos if you managed to get this project done at home. Good luck!

Usage for Secret Doors

While many of us might make a secret door in our house just for fun, secret doors across the world have saved lives or, sadly, have been used to perpetuate crimes such as smuggling and other illegal activities. Still, secret doors can lead to secret tunnels that could help people escape during attacks (just like in the movies).

Many secret doors lead to secret rooms used as private office or even storage for valuable items and stuff.

Secret doors are so valuable that they had been around for thousands of years, with these clever passages being noted as far back as the ancient times such as those placed inside the ancient Egyptian pyramids to protect the dead from tomb robbers.