Magic Tricks You Can Do Using Everyday Objects

Magic tricks are fun! Fun! Fun! It is also a good thing that the internet offers lots of treasure troves on YouTube and websites.

We found this video created by BuzzFeedBlue, detailing how to create magic tricks using everyday objects; common objects which you thought were too ordinary to become awesome.

Well, you are wrong. It is actually possible for these common objects to transform into amazing stuff for magic tricks.

Let’s start with the watermelon bomb you can create using just an intact watermelon – real ones, of course – and hundreds of rubber bands.

Did you know you can create bubbles from your CD? If you still don’t know how to do that, then check out the video below. Plus, you will also learn how to create a flamethrower using clothespins.

Excited already? Simply watch the video below to find out how to create these awesome tricks.

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