GoPro Captures Synchronized Skydiving Footage – And It’s Really Captivating!

We’ve all heard about skydiving and synchronized swimming but guess what? There’s this new thing called synchronized skydiving.

If that conjures up any images to mind, I assure you we’re probably thinking the same thing. Its name tells us what exactly it is and fortunately, we have footage to show you how it goes.

Posted on GoPro’s official YouTube channel, this video entitled “GoPro: Synchronized Skydive in Dubai” shows us two skydivers doing their thing up in the sky – and it’s really glorious to behold!

Photo credit: GoPro

Photo credit: GoPro

The performance features Aleksander and Mikhael, doing the stunt over Dubai’s iconic man-made Palm Islands. It was shot using the GoPro HERO3+ camera and then topped with music from composer William Ryan Fritch.

Check out the video here:

People have been praising the two performers but some were also quick to point out the excellent camera work.

User fingerboardTV commented:

“This was just insane! Mad props to the camera guy for such a good shot!”

Skydiving Tips For Beginners

Skydiving, to begin with, is not a sport for the faint of heart. Jumping out of a moving aircraft can be very scary, especially if you are a first-timer but there are several ways to prepare for the big jump.

First of all, you need to be physically fit. Pregnant women, for instance, are advised against this sport. Those who have back, limb, or joint injuries should not engage in these extreme activities likewise. Your doctor can help determine whether your body can handle this so be sure to consult with him beforehand.

Typically, you shouldn’t have taken any alcohol or drugs within 12 hours preceding the jump. If you went scuba diving, you have to wait for full 24 hours before you can go skydiving.

Aside from your health, you also have to check your equipment and be sure to use them the right way. Your instructor will guide you so pay attention to every instruction.

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