Farmer Sells Affordable Vegetable Packs for Just Php100 Each

A farmer sells affordable vegetable packs for just Php100 each! The vegetables are also fresh from Kapatagan farm – and one pack has so much vegetables that a netizen who bought some shared the photos to encourage people to buy because each pack is so ‘sulit’!

Farm Fresh Vegetables at Affordable Prices

These days a lot of farmers are struggling with how they can sell their products. A lot of people are not buying from the market, fearing they might contract the virus.

With many restrictions on travel, a lot of delivery trucks couldn’t pass to places they used to deliver the vegetables and other food items to.

This led many farmers to simply throw away their vegetables. While some found help in netizens or local government units (LGUs), many really had no choice but to either throw their products or sell them at very low prices.

Abi Araullo Intia shared some photos of a farmer selling fresh vegetables at Pampanga, Lanang in Davao City, fronting Dusit Thani. According to Abi, she talked with farmer who was later identified as Tatay Crizaldo. The farmer said that these vegetables come fresh from their farm in Kapatagan.

Amazingly, each pack contains so much vegetables that they are surely worth more than Php100. So, Abi happily shared some photos as she told her friends where they can buy these affordable vegetables.

As the post went viral, a lot of netizens felt happy to learn about the cheap vegetables but others encouraged their friends to pay more than just Php100 to these farmers. Surely, they are just selling these items at very low prices so these won’t go to waste.

COVID Affects Farmers

Although COVID is more of a health issue, it also had strong impacts on the economy and so many other things. In fact, COVID has also affected food production. A lot of governments fear that the low food production these past months could have serious effects on food supply and availability in the coming months.

Even farming families are already experiencing a big problem as their farm produce are rotting. Without income from their products, they won’t have enough capital to use for planting the next batch of vegetables.