VIRAL: 101-Year-Old Mother Takes Care of 63-Year-Old Disabled Son

She’s 101 years old but all she could wish for is longer life so she could continue taking care of her 63-year-old disabled son. Their story was shared on Facebook page, Digos Good Vibes; though both the mother and her son were not named.

The post praises the mother for her priceless and unconditional love for her son yet social media users could not help but feel sad for the pair, knowing that at some point there would be someone who would pass away first – and this would surely lead to heartbreak and death to the other, especially if the old lady passes away first.

With the mom gone, who would be there to help her disabled son live?

The post did not mention whether the two had any close relatives who can take over the mother’s duties should she die first but we could only hope that if they do not have family, at least someone from the neighborhood or the government could look into their plight and assist them – even before one of them is dead.

Considering the poor conditions that they are currently living in, someone really should step in and take over the caring duties not just for the disabled son but also for the loving mom who’s 101 years old! After all, she’s too old to be the one personally taking care of her son.

Of course, as parents, we are all bound by duty to take care of our children and make sure that they are alright, no matter their age – yet special consideration must be taken for this mother-son duo since they are already quite old!

RachFeed has asked Digos Good Vibes for more information about the two. So, if you would like to help, stay tuned for updates.