Loving Dad Goes Viral for Mailing Sliced Mangoes to Daughter in College

A lot of dads do not really show their affection to their children in the same way that moms do but they do know how to do it in different ways – such as this dad who recently went viral after mailing a pack of sliced mangoes to his daughter in college.

But why would someone go viral for doing something so trivial? Well, in this world where there are a lot of ‘bad dads’, it is truly amazing to know that there still exist a lot who would go out of their way to show love to their children.

Photo credit: Twitter / @ce_silly_a

According to 19-year-old Cecilia Li who studies at UCLA in Los Angeles, California, she makes quick trips to her family in San Diego during weekends but because her dad also works on weekends, she does not see him a lot.

Photo credit: Twitter / @ce_silly_a

Last weekend, her dad cut up some ripe mangoes, her favourite fruit, and placed them on the fridge for her to take back to school the following morning but she actually forgot to take the container, only remembering when she was already a long way from home.

She was so disappointed she considered turning back, especially because her dad exerted effort to prepare the mangoes, but her mother advised her not to.

Knowing how sad she was, her dad asked for her address in school but she told him it was fine.

Photo credit: Twitter / @ce_silly_a

To her surprise, she returned to her apartment the following day to find a package from her dad. Inside it was the container of sliced mango lovingly placed inside an insulated Styrofoam ice box filled with ice packs!

I had never been happier nor more amused that I had mangoes cut, packaged, and shipped with love. Needless to say, they were gone within minutes,” Li revealed.

Photo credit: Twitter / @ce_silly_a

She posted this on Twitter where it went viral, with many people admiring her dad for showing that much love to her. It was certainly much cheaper for them if she just bought some mangoes near her school but dad just had to do this… Isn’t it the sweetest thing?

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