Sweet Photo of Old Man Taking a Picture of His Wife Goes Viral

The sweet photo of an old man taking a photo of his wife recently went viral after it was shared by a Facebook page. Many netizens could not help but comment on the post, wishing that they could find a love like this, too.

In the post, the couple could be see eating out at some restaurant. It was not a fancy restaurant but that does not matter at all, as the couple appears to be enjoying their meal. They appeared rather relaxed and dining with someone else, perhaps their son or a friend.

But what really caught everyone’s attention is how this old man took out his smartphone to snap a picture of his beloved wife. Of course, there was not proof that this woman was his wife, but netizens jumped to the conclusion based on the sweet way he took the photo while she ate her meal.

I don’t need a perfect relationship. I just need someone who won’t give up on me,” captioned the admin of Facebook page, No One Cares.

Photo credit: Facebook / No One Cares

Many netizens readily agreed.

How sweet to look at them. At their aged still there to love each other…” one netizen commented.

Love is made by trust, respect, and caring,” another one added.

I don’t need perfect relationship. I just need someone who make my life happy like this,” another netizen wrote.

Some joked about what caption the old man might have used to post the photo on Facebook, with many wishing they could find his social media account and also make that post go viral.

But others joked that they don’t care about finding their true love as long there’s always food on the table.

I’m the one who is sitting beside the old lady. I don’t need a relationship if there are still foods,” one netizen joked. LOL.

But while many made jokes about feeling bitter that the old couple have a love life whereas they don’t have any, everyone agrees that it would surely be great to find a love that lasts a lifetime…

Dating Tips for Married Couples

Even if you’re married already, date each other! Eat out and enjoy time with your spouse, preferably without the kids in tow.

Share your thoughts and enjoy each other’s company so you can keep the love alive even years after the wedding. Instead of thinking of dating someone else, take time to spend more effort on your love as you go out on a date.

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