Grandson Gives Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation to COVID-Positive Grandma

A grandson gives mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to COVID-positive grandma. Sadly, she didn’t survive. But the story has touched so many people’s hearts, with netizens saying they would have done the same thing to their family member as well…

Love is Stronger Than COVID

An old lady who tested positive for COVID-19 drove herself to the hospital to seek treatment. As expected, she had to wait a long time before getting any because the hospitals in the area are overflowing with patients. There were too many patients and too few staff to cater to their needs.

grandson gives mouth-to-mouth resuscitation

Photo credit: Life Truth / Facebook

Due to protocols, everyone who wish to be treated still need to wait at the parking lot and other designated areas until it was their turn to be checked up or admitted. It could take hours!

But there’s nothing that anyone can do to make it faster because so many protocols had to be followed and there were simply too many patients to process.

One old lady passed out due to respiratory complications while waiting for her turn at the hospital. She had tested positive for COVID-19 but must have been asymptomatic or had mild symptoms because she was not admitted yet.

But when her symptoms worsened, she drove herself to the hospital. While waiting, however, she passed out. Seeing that his grandmother is unconscious, her grandson ran to her car and ignored the safety protocols to help his grandma.

The young man tried his best to do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to bring her back to life, but to no avail. Some minutes later, doctors arrived but it was too late. They confirmed that the old woman no longer has vital signs.

It is so sad that the old woman’s life would end this way at the hospital parking lot, but many were amazed at her grandson’s actions. Indeed, love is stronger than the risk of getting infected!

Ways to Avoid COVID

With the virus being invisible, it’s really hard to avoid getting infected if you are exposed to it.

To avoid getting infected, it is still best to stay at home and avoid getting out, if possible. Plan your trips to the supermarket and keep them at a minimum. If it’s possible to do your shopping for a month’s worth of food, that would be better.

Keep a safe distance from anyone, wear a mask at all times, and avoid physical contact, especially with COVID-positive patients, even if they are asymptomatic.