Video of nCov-Infected Baby Who Wants Hug from Dad Breaks Netizens’ Hearts

A baby who is quarantined at a hospital facility after being tested positive of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCov) just wanted a hug from his dad – and the video of the bittersweet moment would break so many netizens’ hearts.

According to World of Buzz, the baby is among those affected by the outbreak in Wuhan, China. As the city imposes a lockdown, many families have become separated from one another. A lot of people are not allowed to be with their families, particularly those who tested positive of the coronavirus that is spreading so quickly across China and other parts of the world.

Photo credit: Twitter / @Huh_My_Rahhhhh

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, hospitals are putting extra precautions. That means that even family members might not be allowed to go closer to nCov-infected patients; even babies!

In one of the medical facilities in Wuhan, a baby placed in quarantine could be seen looking so happy after seeing his dad. The child could not understand why he can’t hug his dad because the glass prevents any physical contact, but he could still see his dad.

As the unnamed baby tries to give his dad a hug, completely missing his father, the latter broke down in tears and turned away. He could not bear to cry in front of the baby and let the child see his tears, but the child was surprised why his father turned away when all he wanted was to ask for a hug!

It was heartbreaking to see the baby’s face turn from happy to confused as he watched his dad’s back, but no one could explain to him that his dad was crying because of the uncertain future they both face. Many are hoping that the baby survived this difficult situation so he could finally hug his dad for real…

Here’s the bittersweet video shared by @Huh_My_Rahhhhh on Twitter:

What is Quarantine?

Quarantine is a period or place of isolation done for people or animals to prevent the spread of a contagious medical condition.