LOOK: Man on Horseback Orders Food at Jollibee Drive Thru

Around 2 years ago, an old man went viral for bringing his grandkids to a Jollibee drive thru while riding a carabao, with the kids riding a cart. This year, one guy also got netizens’ attention after ordering food at a Jollibee drive thru while riding a horse! Isn’t that cool?

A lot of netizens are joking that this guy must be some rich cowboy just taking a quick visit to the city. Many loved the fact that this guy went to Jollibee on his horse but others were not as impressed, saying this guy just wanted some attention.

Photos of the guy on horseback were shared by netizen Jennifer Rivera who works as cashier at a Jollibee outlet in Valencia, Bukidnon in southern Philippines.

In the post, Rivera joked, “Lahi ragyud sa jollibee valencia drive thru 😂 kay kabayo na ang ga drive thru 😅😍” (It’s really different at Jollibee Valencia drive thru because a horse is now the one going to the drive thru!)

Of course, there were netizens who pointed out that the horse wasn’t the one going through the drive thru but a man riding a horse but others called them spoilsports, saying this caption was really just for fun. Do you agree?

The photos had since gone viral, with Rivera’s gaining over 10k shares since she posted it last December 2.

A number of people could not help but point out that the guy on horseback, whose name was not shared by Rivera, appeared to be choosing from some tumblers the cashier had in front of him. Perhaps he’s bringing these for his kids? Well, that’s most likely going to happen, considering that he’s at Jollibee.

What do you think of this horseback rider ordering at Jollibee? Definitely cool!