Dad Helps Daughter Make Money Bouquet, Didn’t Know She’s Preparing It as His Gift

A dad happily helped his daughter make a money bouquet, thinking that it is an order from a customer. But he didn’t know that his daughter is preparing it to give him as gift for his birthday! Awww. Isn’t that sweet?

Dad Unknowingly Makes His Own Gift

A woman named Salwani shared on Twitter (@chipchipnoi) photos of her dad helping her out with the flower bouquet. Apparently, they have a shop that sells bouquets, including flower bouquets made of intricately folded money in the form of cones.

The cones are then carefully arranged and wrapped together to form a nice bouquet of money flowers.

According to Salwani, she was making the money bouquet when her dad decided to help out. He asked about the order and they had to make a white lie, telling him it is for a customer who ordered it online.

The problem now is that the bouquet was meant for his birthday this upcoming Hari Raya Haji. But the owner himself is decorating the bouquet as we lied to him saying it’s for a booking. It’s so difficult to act! He’s the only treasure we have left in this world,” Salwani wrote as she shared the photos.

Her dad happily worked on the money bouquet as his daughter looked on with tears in her eyes, saying that her dad is the most precious treasure she has left in the world. She plans on showering him with lots of love and as much gifts as she could, knowing he sacrificed a lot for them while they were growing up.

Salwani already lost her mom; thus, she wants to make sure that she is able to provide her dad with a better life as much as she could.

Give me more time to repay all that you did for me,” Salwani told her dad, wishing him good health and longevity.

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