Little Boy Plays in Sand at Parents’ Grave, Refuses to Go Home as He Calls Out to Them

It’s Christmas time! It is the time for family reunions and fun parties with family and friends. Sadly, not everyone is enjoying the Christmas season, particularly those who lost family members because life would never be the same again, now that these people are gone.

But what’s truly heartbreaking is losing both parents, especially when you are still young and can’t even understand why your parents left and never came back! That’s what happened to a kid in Malaysia.

According to the boy’s uncle, Azuan Shamsuddin, 2-year-old Arfan lost both his parents to a car accident. At his young age, the boy misses his parents a lot and could not understand why they never came home. The concept of their passing is something that was difficult for him to comprehend but he misses them so much, especially his mother.

One day, Shamsuddin decided to bring Arfan to his parents’ grave. The boy might be too young to understand that he lost them forever, but when told that his parents ‘live’ in that spot, the kid felt right at home with the place. He sat down and played with the sand, refusing to go home as he misses his parents so much.

Shamsuddin shared that Arfan does not really like to play with sand at their house but the fact that he played in the sand at his parents’ grave clearly shows how much he misses them both. What’s sadder still is that the boy kept calling “Mom! Mom!” around the grave, believing that his mom would soon appear because she ‘lives’ there.

When it was time to go, little Arfan refused to leave. Even though Shamsuddin pulled his hand to go, the boy tugged back as he still wanted to spend time with his parents. His uncle had to promise that they would go back soon before he finally agreed to go home. Poor kid.

Shamsuddin said that Arfan now lives with his grandparents and they regularly bring him to his parents’ grave.

When Does Christmas Season Start?

In the Christian tradition, Christmas starts on Christmas Day, long designated to be December 25. But the festivities actually start long before that date in many places. In many Western countries, Christmas season often begins mid-November to early January. In the Philippines, however, Christmas season begins on September 1 and can reach up the celebration of the Three Kings’ Day in January.

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