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Netizens Express Anger over Exhibitionist Motorcyclist in Busy Road

There are motorcycle drivers who are so good at driving that they can drive their motorcycles using no hands – and could even do so while standing on the seat! But while such moves should only be done in a proper venue, with proper gear, there is this one guy who thought that his talent was so good that he should share it with others on the road.

While we must admit that, indeed, his talent is awesome and that he looks like he’s been practicing long hours to have this perfect, we agree with most comments on the post shared by YouScoop that what he was doing was irresponsible and dangerous!

Indeed, such talent is so good that it he can feel free to share it with everyone – just as long as he would not be putting other people’s lives in danger!

Screenshot of video by YouScoop / Franz Herman

This guy, still unnamed as of press time, certainly knows what he was doing but accidents can happen even to the most careful drivers who are driving their vehicles like they are supposed to drive – and the risk he is taking in pulling this stunt not only puts himself in danger but also the lives of the people who just might hit him or meet an accident because of what he was doing.

Considering that he was on a busy road – no less than Commonwealth Ave. in Quezon City, Philippines – he should be a responsible driver and stay on his seat like regular motorcycle drivers, wrote most of the commenters on the YouScoop post.

If he wanted to do a stunt, he could have done it in a different venue – perhaps in a deserted street or some racetrack where he could have the stunt videotaped and posted on social media, not in a busy street where he could endanger the lives of other people!

What do you think of this video?

Ikinabahala ni YouScooper Franz Hernan ang nasaksihan niyang motorcycle stunt sa Commonwealth Ave., noong Sept. 25, 2016. Nakatayo daw ang motorista habang binabagtas ang bahagi ng kalsada mula sa New Era University hanggang sa PhilCoa.

Mensahe ni YouScooper Franz, delikado raw ito dahil maaaring maging sanhi ng aksidente. Sana raw ay isipin ng mga motorista ang kaligtasan ng iba habang bumibiyahe.

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Posted by YouScoop on Thursday, September 29, 2016

What is a Stunt?

A stunt is an unusual and difficult physical feat or an act requiring a special skill,” defines the Wikipedia. It is often done for entertainment.

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