Lebanese Protesters Sing “Baby Shark” to Comfort Baby Scared by the Protests

A baby who felt scared by the loud noise and shouts of protesters found himself being comforted by the same protesters he was scared of, as they spontaneously sing “Baby Shark”. The heartwarming video brought smiles and tears across the world, quickly going viral as people said their faith in humanity has been restored.

In many places across the world, there are on-going protests for various reasons. In Lebanon, protesters have been in the streets for days, protesting against the country’s crumbling economy.

Photo credit: Viral Press / YouTube

Eliane Jabbour was with 15-month-old son, Robin, when a crowd of cheering protesters surrounded her car as she was driving through Baabda District, just south of Beirut. As the protesters shouted, Robin got scared.

I told them, ‘I have a baby, don’t be too loud,’” Eliane shared.

Photo credit: Viral Press / YouTube

Peering into the car, the protesters saw the baby – and his scared face. Realizing that the baby was scared of them, the protesters changed their shouts of protest into a boisterous, all-male version of “Baby Shark”.

Photo credit: Viral Press / YouTube

The well-loved children’s song has swept the globe as it went viral; and it seems that these guys also enjoyed it! One of them even did some hilarious actions to match the song’s lyrics, hoping they could make the baby smile and take his mind of their loud protest action.

The sweet gesture went viral, with Eliane’s husband even seeing it first on social media before she could even tell him!

Photo credit: Viral Press / YouTube

While the video is sweet and happy, Eliane understands the gravity of the situation.

Kids in Lebanon should have a better future. Robin will see the video when he grows up and know that Lebanese guys were fighting for him,” she explained.

Here’s the adorable video:


Where Did the “Baby Shark” Song Come From?

While the viral song was made by South Korean company Pinkfong!, the song has actually been around for decades. Its actual origin in unknown.