Koreans Try Filipino Snacks For The First Time

This new video from YouTube channel JKTV is pretty entertaining. In this 9-minute video, we get to see Koreans eat and react to Filipino snacks.

To begin with, most of the participants confessed that they have never tried Filipino snacks. Well, except for one girl who said she’s been to the Philippines before. After that, the snacks were served to them one at a time.

First on the plate was chicharon or deep fried pork rind. Everyone’s comments on it were pretty funny as they compared its appearance to snake skin, mold, and even dog poop. The verdict though was generally positive as many of them compared it with Korean rice crackers.

They also tested their taste buds on other stuff such as Ding Dong, dried mangoes, Cheese Puff, and Chippy. The reactions were varied but several of them commented that most Pinoy snacks would definitely go well with alcohol. The video ended with one of the Korean guys trying to speak in Filipino and it’s absolutely adorable.

You can watch the video here:

Top 25 Filipino Street Foods and Snacks

Pinoy snacks are definitely a mix of different influences and so it offers a wide array of choices for any food enthusiast.

Tripzilla Magazine made a list of 25 must-try street foods and snacks when you are in the Phiippines. The list included:

  • Banana-cue
  • Balut (duck embryo)
  • Dirty ice cream
  • Kwek-kwek (deep fried coated quail eggs)
  • Fish balls
  • Tempura
  • Taho
  • Buko juice
  • Pinaypay/Maruya (deep-fried bananas with flour and sugar)
  • Turon
  • Ice scramble
  • Lumpiang togue (Mung bean sprout spring rolls)
  • Chicharon bulaklak (chicken or pig omentum)
  • Puso (hanging rice)
  • Tuslob buwa
  • Dinamita (egg roll chilies)
  • Peanuts
  • Green mango with shrimp paste
  • Sweet corn
  • Saang
  • Tenga (marinated, grilled pig ears)
  • Chicken skin
  • Betamax (grilled dried chicken or pig blood)
  • Adidas (chicken feet)
  • Isaw (chicken or pig intestines)
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