Foreigner Gives Up Life in Paris, Sells Turon and Lumpia with Filipina GF

This story is proof of just how much people are willing to sacrifice for love – even if it meant leaving the life of luxury just to spend time with the one you love.

It’s not Romeo and Juliet but Bryan Reano and Rosalinda Labajo. Bryan is an English national who worked as waiter in a restaurant in Paris, France. He met Rosalinda Labajo of Bacolod City, Negros Occidental in the Philippines.

All for the sake of love, Bryan sold his house and car in Paris, quit his job, and flew to the Philippines to be with his one true love. But life in the Philippines wasn’t as fun-filled as he had expected yet Bryan did not give up on his love for Rosalinda. To earn money, the two decided to sell food in the streets.

Bryan created innovative lumpia recipes like paella or curry – something that was new to the taste but soon enjoyed by their customers.

After living a fun life in Paris, selling turon and lumpia in the streets of Bacolod City might not be something he had dreamed of as something he would do in his retirement yet Bryan said he is not ashamed of what he is doing because selling food is an honest job and people do have to make a living for themselves and to feed their loved ones.

This couple truly embodies the “through richer or poorer” part of all wedding vows…Good luck to the two of you!


Lumpia is a pastry of Chinese origins quite popular across Southeast Asia. It comes in different versions but is often fried and served crispy; though it is possible to enjoy this delicious dish with soft wrapping as “fresh lumpia”.

Also known as spring rolls, lumpia can contain different varieties of fillings. While most people use vegetables like fresh bean sprouts and carrots as fillings for lumpia, meat is also a popular option.

Lumpia is a favorite dish served in special occasions in the Philippines; it is often best enjoyed with banana catsup.

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