A Family Finds Fun In Eating by Having a Boodle Fight Inside a Fast Food

For one thing Filipinos were  known for, it is the fact that we love to eat.  Nothing can beat how Filipinos get to enjoy food from the simplest dish like pritong tuyo and pritong itlog up to dishes like sinigang and ginataan.  Our dishes are so full of flavor as I believe, they were prepared and cooked with love.

We also love family gatherings and reunions where food were bounty, unlimited from rice to iced tea.  That’s what Filipinos are, we always end up with a “happy tummy”.  And what made it even more lavish was the fact that we get to eat them with who else but our loved-ones, may it be our family, friends or relatives.

There were  food services that we are familiar with like  à la carte, buffet and plate service. But there’s another way Filipinos eat….the Boodle fight way!  Boodle fight has become popular  in the Philippines which  depicts our tradition in eating the military way.  This originated from the Philippine military where a big pile of food is being served in the middle of a long table in a  mess hall where every hungry soldier eats with bare hands which symbolizes camaraderie, brotherhood and equality.

Recently, the social media has been flooded by  photos and video posted by a certain Maan Mallorca showing their whole family in a boodle fight.  The netizens were surprised as they had their boodle fight not in their home, but in a fast food.

Photo : Maan Mallorca/Facebook

Yes, you’ve heard it right, boodle fight inside a fast food! And to complete the concept, they brought a pot where they put the rice that they ordered and the  banana leaves that will serve  as cover for the tables.

The post has earned various comments from netizens. Here are some of them:

What do you think about  this?  Would your family also consider having a boodle fight in a fast food?

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