She Didn’t Have Enough Money to Buy Ice Cream. What The Cashier Did Will Send You to Tears

Have you ever been short of money at the cash register?

The man behind OmarGosh TV decided to create a social experiment using the same situation. This time, he opted send his kids to buy ice cream to see the cashier’s reaction after learning that the kid’s money is not enough.

While one cashier refused to give them their order because they are short of money, the two other cashiers in the video took the higher road and let the kids get their orders.

Unknown to them, there’s a surprise waiting for them at the end. After handing out the ice cream, the cashier received a note that comes with cash from the kids.

“Do good. And good will come to you,” says the note.

Completely shocked by what the kid gave her, the tearful cashier at Wendy’s imparted a remarkable lesson to the kids.

“It’s nice to be kind,” she said.

Watch the heartwarming social experiment.

Not Making Enough Money Can Be Linked to Your Attitude

A research published by American Psychological Association has shown a link between an individual’s attitude and income.

According to a study conducted at Institute of Sociology and Social Psychology at the University of Cologne in Germany, having cynical beliefs can have a negative impact on an individual’s income.

“While previous research has associated cynicism with detrimental outcomes across a wide range of spheres of life, including physical health, psychological well-being and marital adjustment, the present research has established an association between cynicism and individual economic success,” Dr. Olga Stavrova, the lead author of the study explained.

The study, which utilised survey data from the US and Europe, showed that high level of cynicism was linked to lower income.

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