“Kasinungalingan yung $3000” – KTV Management’s Side On The Viral Scam Video Involving A Canadian National

Just this weekend, a video of a Canadian national named Kengo M on Facebook went viral. In his video, he exposed a certain Club Apeiro Entertainment and KTV Bar and the men who according to him tried to extort $3000 from him for some drink and food.

But a willing source that is connected with the bar surfaced and wanted to clear the KTV’s side. Mr. Roland Kua was informed by the KTV’s manager’s close friend about what really transpired. Kua, then went to Philippines Trends to air the management’s side.

Here in Rachfeed, we believe that there are always two sides of a coin.

The other side

According to Mr. Kua, the caption in Kengo Muhamadi’s story is a flat lie. He was not asked for $3000, in fact, looking back at the video, the man did say that the $2000-$3000 was from other customers.

Scam 1

PHOTO CREDIT: Philippines Trends

So, anyway, the truth, according to Kua is that Muhamadi entered the club and asked for 6 girls to entertain him. He proceeded and ordered food and drink for all of them which reached P40,000.

Scam 2

PHOTO CREDIT: Philippines Trends

But when it was time to pay, Muhamadi’s credit card was declined. This is the reason, according to Kua, why Muhamadi was brought to another room to ask him to call a family member.

PHOTO CREDIT: Philippines Trends

This is also the reason why his passport was taken, but it was only to verify his details and it was also returned immediately.

Scam 3

PHOTO CREDIT: Philippines Trends

As a proof, Kua even showed the receipt of the bill of Mr. Muhamadi.

Scam 4

PHOTO CREDIT: Philippines Trends

The source also showed the passport and credit card that was used by Mr. Muhamadi.

The supposed lie

In the caption of Muhamadi’s video, it can be read that he was being forcibly asked for $3000 for some food and drink. He also mentioned in his comments that the club forcibly took $1000 from his credit card. Could that be the P40k bill? That would roughly convert to $1000 in Canada.

Save the judgment

As a final note, Kua called out to people to not pass judgment until you know both sides of the story.

“Wag sana muna tayo mag judge ng kapwa natin kung hindi natin alam totoong storya.”