Monkey “Reminds” People to Wear a Mask in Heartbreaking Video

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly changed the lives of many people across the world, but it’s affecting the wildlife, too. A video is making waves online after a monkey appears to “remind” people to wear a mask – but it’s really so heartbreaking.

Monkey Wears Discarded Mask in Heartbreaking Video

It’s been over a year since the COVID-19 pandemic, yet many people are still resisting and debating whether it is a good idea to wear a mask.

Photo credit: @haziqzolkiflee

Despite the continued rise in cases across the world, many continue to believe that the pandemic isn’t real and was just created by their respective governments as a tool to “control” people.

But a monkey recently went viral for seemingly reminding people to wear a mask in a video that broke so many netizens’ hearts.

Photo credit: @haziqzolkiflee

In the clip, the monkey could be seen picking up a black mask on the pavement. It’s not clear whether the video uploader had put the mask there for the monkey to pick or if it was discarded by someone else.

What’s clear, though, is that the curious creature picked the thing up and, possibly due to observation of the people around, the monkey put it on its face! Perhaps the monkey had long been curious as to why the people who walk past are wearing this thing on their faces.

The mask covered the monkey’s face, but the curious creature even tried to walk with the thing on its face.

Photo credit: @haziqzolkiflee

Many netizens thought that it looked so cute that this clever animal knew exactly how to wear a mask. Considering how there are so many people who hate wearing one, having an animal “remind” these people to wear a mask is really something.

But others pointed out the heartbreaking reality of how these masks are truly affecting the wildlife. It might be funny to watch this monkey wear one, but it’s really going to be a harmful thing for most of the animals.

Watch the video here:

Discarded COVID-19 Masks Affecting Wildlife

Since the rise of mask usage since the pandemic started, a lot of animals have already been affected. Bodies of some birds and fishes were found to contain the masks or were entangled with the strings.

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