Indian Railway Worker’s Dramatic Rescue of Child from Oncoming Train Goes Viral

An Indian railway worker is being dubbed as a superhero after he rescued a child who was about to get hit by an oncoming train. The CCTV footage taken at the train station quickly went viral, with netizens expressing amazement that he was able to do this.

Indian ‘Superhero’ Dramatically Rescues Kid from Train

You can’t really outrun a train, especially at a long distance. But even in short distances, trains are still too fast for people to outrun.

That’s why railway authorities remind people and motorists to never try to do that or else they could be in great danger. That’s also the reason why everyone is told to never try to beat the level barriers at a train crossing.

But one railway worker was dubbed a ‘superhero’ after he risked his life to save a child that fell down the railway tracks, just seconds away from getting hit by an oncoming train.

The incident happened at Vangani station located about 70 km (42 mi) east of Mumbai, India. The 6-year-old boy fell down the tracks. His distraught mother cried for help.

Photo credit: Indian Central Railways

Her shouts attracted the attention of 30-year-old Mayur Shelke, a railway worker. The young man saw the oncoming train and knew that time was running out. He could also get hit by the train, but the railway worker did not think of what could happen to him as he rushed to save the kid.

Impressed by the selfless act, the Indian Central Railways posted the video to applaud Shelke’s heroic deed. Shelke rushed to the tracks and saved the kid, pulling himself to safety just 2 seconds before the Udyan Express reached the spot! Whew.

Watch the video here:

Average Train Speed

Trains travel at high speed. Although the actual speeds vary, the average is at 200–250 km/h (120–160 mph) for passenger train service on high-speed railway lines. The slowest train in India, the Express, travels at an average of 45 km/h (28 mph).

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