Incredible Moment Baby with Albinism Sees Mommy for the First Time

At 8 months, baby Louise got to take a glimpse of her mother Megan McMorris with the help of a special glasses. Although it was her first time to see her mom, the cute baby recognised Megan’s voice (and probably her touch and smell) and gave her a sweet smile.

When Louise was only two months old, she was diagnosed with Oculocutaneous Albinism (Type 1). This condition affects the pigmentation of an individual’s hair, skin, and eyes as well as one’s vision. In the case of Louise, she needed to wear a special glasses to be able to see.

Megan created a YouTube Channel called Louise and Albinism, which aims to spread awareness about her daughter’s condition. The incredible moment was captured on video and has nearly nine million views since it was posted on Youtube last January 13.

Check out the special Mommy and daughter moment here.

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