Shop Owner Requests Photo Edit to Add Customers in Her Restaurant, Real Customers Show Up

A shop owner requests a Photoshop group to edit her restaurant photo to make it look like she has lots of customers – and real customers actually showed up to help her out! Wow.

Shop Owner Gets Real Customers after Photoshop Request

Finding customers, particularly for new shops and businesses, can be difficult. After all, many people don’t want to try something new, while others only go to a newly opened shop if it’s popular.

Thinking that the latter might work with her business, the Malaysia shop owner of Mehwan GULAI KAWAH asked help from the Photoshop group “Edit Apa Hari Ini?” (What Are We Editing Today?) to edit her photo to make it look like she has a lot of customers in her shop.

I’ve always wanted many customers like those in other stores that have gone viral, even though that is just a dream. I hope that dream will become a reality,” the woman requested.

She explained that the shop is her only means of livelihood, but she might soon need to close it because she doesn’t have customers.

The Photoshop group quickly responded, sending edits of the shop to make it look like there were plenty of customers.

Others created long lines of customers to the counter.

Many netizens also offered prayers and well-wishes for the old lady so she can grow her business.

Soon, several people decided that it would be better if they actually went to the old woman’s restaurant instead of just editing the photos.

Someone organized a meet-up – and many people showed up! So, the old woman now has several real photos of real customers hanging out and dining at her shop. Isn’t that awesome?

I have high respect for the members of this editing group, usually we edit photos for fun, but today, this group proved that there are many compassionate humans. Many gave support and many gave advice to the stall owner to grow her business,” one netizen wrote, according to

Finding New Customers

Some business strategies to find new customers:

  • Use social media
  • Ask for referrals
  • Create and improve your website
  • Research new business strategies
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