Ice Cream House Staff Give Free Coffee to Old Man Who Didn’t Have Enough Cash

BTF Ice Cream House located in front of St. Luke’s Medical Center in Metro Manila, Philippines sells coffee at Php30 ($0.63) but though the price is certainly much cheaper than gourmet coffee sold in high-end coffee shops in the city, there are still some people who could not afford the price tag.

One of these is an old man who figured in a heartwarming moment witnessed by netizen Jasper Costales. He shared on Facebook how he overheard the old man asking the cashier for the price of the coffee.

When told that it was Php 30, the elderly guy slowly walked towards the door. The cashier hurriedly went after the old man and asked whether he did not have enough money to pay for the coffee. The old man did not say anything but his silence was enough to confirm that, indeed, he was short on cash for that cup of coffee.

So, the cashier assisted him towards a table where he was asked to sit and wait because they will just give him coffee for free! Then, even though they knew he could not afford to have anything else, they also offered to give him anything else he needed but the old man politely declined.

Costales also noted that even though they gave the old man free coffee, the staff “served the man as they would a normal customer”.

Admiring their kindness, Costales took a photo of the two employees who assisted the old man and posted the story on social media. As expected, the story went viral and these two kind people won the internet!

Kudos to both of you…

An Ice Cream House that serves coffee just melted my heart.An elderly man walked into BTF Ice Cream House in front of…

Posted by Jasper Costales on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Here are some reasons why you should drink coffee everyday:

  • Coffee can make you happy
  • Coffee has more antioxidants than other drinks
  • The aroma of coffee can lessen stress
  • Coffee could help lessen the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease
  • Coffee is good for the liver
  • Coffee can make you feel smarter
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