HS Sweethearts Celebrate 12-Year Anniversary, Announce Pregnancy by Wearing School Uniforms

They met in high school and are now happily married. To celebrate their 12-year anniversary and also announce that they are expecting a baby, the couple happily posed in their old school uniforms to commemorate how they met.

High School Sweethearts Commemorate How They Met

As they celebrate their 12th anniversary, Melanie Lim shared some photos with husband Ouyang Haifeng whom she met back when they were still in high school. The couple are especially excited as they are about to welcome a new addition to their family, with Melanie being pregnant with their first baby.

Melanie happily recalls that she was just 15 years old when she fell in love with Haifeng. They both studied at SMK Taman Connaught in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Although Haifeng was actually a year older than Melanie and was supposed to be a level ahead, he had to retake some of his preparatory classes. That’s the reason why the two were able to meet and fall in love. Others say it was meant to be, because they wouldn’t have met if Haifeng didn’t take those classes with Melanie.

It was about a year later that they were able to take their first photo as a couple. When they finally decided to get married, the two even wore their old school uniforms to commemorate how they were able to meet.

This was also around the time the couple celebrated their 12th anniversary. Melanie explained that they had agreed on wearing the school uniforms to recall the happy memories that brought them together as a couple back in their younger years.

Congratulations to the happy couple for their anniversary and upcoming baby!

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