Woman Blasts BF for Giving Her $500 LV Wallet, Sending Her Food from ‘Cheap’ Restaurants

A woman blasts her boyfriend for giving her an LV wallet that’s ‘only worth’ SGD700 (US$500) and only sending her food from ‘cheap’ restaurants while her sister received more from her guy! But netizens are taking her boyfriend’s side, saying that it seems like she’s only after his money, not his love…

Woman Upset with ‘Stingy’ Boyfriend

Most of us love to receive gifts – and it wouldn’t matter what it is, how it might have been, or whether it is food or some sentimental something. It is just so sweet to receive a gift, particularly from someone special.

But one woman in Singapore recently went viral after feeling upset that she has a ‘stingy’ boyfriend. Apparently, the guy had recently given her an LV wallet. The guy thought she would like it – because who would say no to an LV wallet, especially when he spent $500 just to buy it!

Yet the woman got upset, saying that her boyfriend is ‘stingy’ because her sister had gotten a Chanel wallet from her guy; it was worth SGD1,000 ($730).

LV wallet

Photo credit: World of Buzz

On Facebook group NUSWhispers, the woman declared, “Chanel is so much nicer than LV. Let’s be honest, LV is for poor people who want to look rich!

Not content with the gift comparison of the wallets they received from their respective boyfriends, this woman added that her sister received food from expensive restaurants like Crystal Jade and Paradise Dynasty during the Circuit Breaker (COVID lockdown in Singapore).

What’s sad is that she only received food from ‘cheap’ restaurants like Swensen’s and Ichiban. But a quick search shows that these two aren’t exactly ‘cheap’ restaurants but actually still mid-range ones!

The woman went on to complain that her boyfriend earns over SGD5,000 ($3,600) a month while her sister’s guy only earns SGD4,000 ($2,900) but it is the latter who is more generous. Her sister receives a monthly allowance of SGD1,000 ($730) while the upset woman only gets half that amount from her supposedly richer BF!

LV wallet

Should You Give Your Girlfriend Money?

In a serious relationship, boyfriends give their girlfriends money they can spend for their needs. This is especially useful if the couple live together. But giving a ‘girlfriend allowance’ is not mandatory. In fact, this could actually be the start of relationship issues though there are times when this works for the couple.

The bottom line is that the issue of money could make or break a relationship but should be something that the couple has to work out for themselves.

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