FoodPanda Driver Goes Viral for Giving Food to Sleeping Homeless Man

A kind FoodPanda driver recently went viral for showing compassion to a sleeping homeless man as he appears to bring him food, without asking for anything in return!

Kind FoodPanda Driver

In a post shared by Facebook page We are Malaysians, the food delivery driver could be seen stooping over a sleeping homeless man, putting a plastic of what was surely food beside him. He did not even bother to wake the homeless man to show his face or introduce himself.

Kind FoodPanda Driver

Photo credit: We are Malaysians / Facebook

He was not asking for anything in return but freely gave the food to this homeless man who, by his appearance in the picture, looks like he does not get to eat enough food every day.

The kindhearted FoodPanda driver did not even take a selfie with the homeless man, as what many others might do when ‘helping’ someone in need. But his kind deed was spotted by someone in the car behind his parked vehicle.

The person snapped some photos to share on social media as praise for this kindhearted FoodPanda driver.

Theories on FoodPanda Driver’s Kindness

Some people were curious why the FoodPanda driver gave this homeless man some food. Others were questioning whether he was just doing this for ‘likes’ on social media, but because the uploader shared that he didn’t take a photo, then he was surely just doing it for kindness.

Many think that a customer probably canceled the order but he could no longer return the food to the restaurant; thus, he decided to simply give it to the old man. Others think that, perhaps, a customer told him to do this. But there were also those who believe that he simply bought the food for the old man for no other reason than he took pity on his condition.

What is FoodPanda?

FoodPanda is a food delivery service that serves a number of places in Asia, including Malaysia where the pictures above were taken. With riders driving around with adorably pink food boxes with the panda logo, they make a rather cute sight to see as they deliver food to their customers.

FoodPanda sends orders directly to partner restaurants, then picks up the food and deliver it to costumers who ordered via an app or through their website.