Yexel Sebastian Inspires with Vlog About Goals in Life

Yexel Sebastian recently inspired a lot of people with his vlog that helps people focus in their goals in life instead of getting distracted by the challenges that appear along the way. His vlog, featuring some of the toys from his huge collection, is simple but holds a lot of meaning.

He hopes that even if he doesn’t earn money with the vlog, that he can inspire at least one person to change his/her perspective in life for a better future.

Yexel Inspires with Vlog About Goals in Life

In a video shared on his YouTube account, Yexel Sebastian inspired people as he explained how the distractions in our life prevent us from reaching for our dreams.

In the vlog, Yexel pointed out that all of us have big dreams in life: to own a house, to have a business, to earn a lot of money, and to have a good spouse. To reach those dreams, one just has to walk down the path from the starting line to reach all these good things waiting at the finish line.

Ideally, you just walk the straight line and reach those dreams in no time.

But the reality is that we are often distracted by a lot of things around us.

Yexel pointed out that these distractions could start with a gossipmonger neighbor who loves to talk behind our backs. Because we don’t want anyone to say bad things about us, we get distracted by this gossipmonger neighbor and might even get into a fight.

The same thing goes for the bad boss or evil coworker that we might have at work. Instead of focusing our energy on reaching for our dreams, we dwell on these people who hate us.

Moreover, other distractions come along. We love to go shopping, enjoy expensive food at restaurants, and get tempted by other distractions that make those dreams go further away from us. We could get into an unending cycle of debt with loan sharks.

Then, we might give up because we’re too tired. But Yexel reminds us all to focus on our main goal.

We shouldn’t let those distractions stop us from reaching for our dreams. Watch the inspiring video here: