Tourist at Phuket Animal Show Gets Bitten by Snake She Tried to Kiss

Like in many zoos and animal shows across the world, a show at an animal park near the Phuket Zoo in Thailand offers tourists a chance to take a picture with wild creatures like snakes for a fee. This often earns the zoo and the animal handlers a lucrative income as many visitors often do not mind paying the small fee for the chance to have their photos taken with these otherwise scary animals.

While most of these animals do not mind being handled by these eager tourists, there are some instances when accidents happen because the animal felt scared or threatened.

A number of these incidents remain unreported since no visual evidence was taken from the scene except, possibly, some pictures of the aftermath but a video has recently gone viral on social media, showing the exact moment a snake from the animal show bit the woman who was trying to kiss it!

This is a scary reality that could happen if we try to handle wild animals at the zoo or in parks. Well, while many are still brave enough to hold these animals (I had actually done so in the past with a baby crocodile and a python!), I think many would now be warned of the dangers that handling wildlife can bring – even if they are deemed “safe” and “domesticated”.

Check out this rather horrifying video:

Reticulated Pythons

Reticulated pythons are very popular in zoos and nature parks because they are easy to maintain, can generally be handled by strangers (not its handlers), are non-venomous, and are normally not considered as dangerous to humans.

Attacks by reticulated pythons on humans rarely happen but large specimens could kill an adult human if they wanted to since they are large and strong enough to do so.

Did you know that reticulated pythons are excellent swimmers? Quite scary to learn that, knowing that running away from this snake might prove to be impossible or very difficult to do, anyway. Thankfully, this snake rarely attacks humans and often chooses to run away instead.

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