Hotel Run by Robots to be Opened in Japan this July

While Japan is a country known for its high-technology products and services, it is also famous for some bizarre inventions.

Take for example a new hotel that will be opened in Nagasaki Prefecture this July. The one-of-a-kind hotel will run by robots.

The two-story hotel, which is located inside Huis Ten Bosch theme park, will feature robot staff as well as rooms which will be using face recognition instead of keys, according to a report by Japan Times.

Hotel Run by Robots to be Opened in Japan this July

PHOTO CREDIT: Singapore Seen

Hideo Sawada, the company’s president, said that they will make it the most efficient hotel in the world. Room cleaning, porter service, front desk, and other services will be provided by the robot staff.

With 72 rooms inside the complex, each single room in the unique hotel will cost you ¥7,000 a night. Meanwhile, a twin room is priced at ¥9,000.

In a news conference, Sawada also revealed that they want 90% of the hotel to be ran by robots in the future.

Unusual Hotels in the World

While many of us prefer to stay in comfortable and budget-friendly hotels, some people find it exciting to stay in unusual hotels. Although most of these hotels don’t look comfy at all, many guests check in for the experience.

Strange but definitely creative.Here are five of the most unusual hotels in the world.

  1. Costa Verde in Costa Rica- Inspired by the TV series “Lost”, the two-bedroom suite is actually a revamped 1965 vintage Boeing 727 fuselage.
  2. Hayeema Heerd in Netherlands– Can you imagine sleeping in a bed made of straw? No need to worry as this strange hotel’s straw beds are covered with comfortable sheets and mattresses.
  3. Das Park Hotel in Austria– These super cool and functional suites are actually renovated sewage pipes.

    Das Park Hotel in Austria

    PHOTO CREDIT: All Womens’ Talk

  4. Gruft-Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin– Are you brave enough to sleep in coffins? This unique hotel in Berlin allows guests to experience what’s it like to sleep inside the Gothic beds.
  5. Upside Down – Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin- The same mind-boggling hotel in Berlin offers rooms that appear “upside- down”. German artist Lars Stroschen made sure guests’ perception will be altered with his one-of-a-kind art.
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