Lamb Born with Human Face Shocks Farmer in Russia

Sheep farmer Blasius Lavrentiev, 45, lives in the village of Chirka, located near the Russian republic of Dagestan. He was hoping to sell his lambs to make money was shocked to find his prized ewe gave birth to a deformed one. He was so shocked that he nearly died upon seeing the beast.

deformed lamb

Photo credit: AsianTown-YouTube/Ivan Ivanovich

Instead of the usual lamb he had expected, the newly born sheep had a nose, a mouth, and eyes that resembled those of a human being! In fact, its face looked more like a human than a sheep; though its ears were those of a lamb.

lamb with human face

Photo credit: AsianTown-YouTube/Ivan Ivanovich

We had quite a tough winter but when I noticed she was pregnant I was delighted as it meant I would be able to sell the lambs and start making some money again. But when I went down to see how it was going I nearly died.

The human-like sheep made a few grunting noises as it tried to nuzzle its mother. It is possible that this lamb will not survive because it could be rejected by its mother; though it could also die of other circumstances, such as complications from its deformities.

Freaky Deformed Animals

Throughout history, there had been reports of freaky deformed animals of various species. Some would resemble humans such as the lamb above while others show various deformities, including having two heads in one body or extra body parts.

It appears that there are deformities across all species as reports include a two-headed tortoise, two-headed calf, two-headed snake, two-headed kitten, conjoined whales, six-legged cow, four-legged hen, unicorn cow, and a four-legged duck.

Many of the animals do not live long, surviving only for a few hours before complications occur while there are others who survive to old age.

The human-faced lamb above might not survive for long but if the farmer had been planning to earn money from its sale, he could actually expect to sell this for a huge price tag.

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