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Hilarious Video of Adorable Triplets Always Giving Their Parents a Difficult Time Goes Viral

So, you think you are having a difficult time with your kids? While we acknowledge that all parents have, at some point or another, spent a lot of time dealing with their kids’ antics, there are parents who are actually spending most of their time doing that!

Photo credit: KorPhil Family / Facebook

On the Facebook page KorPhil Family, a hilarious video was shared featuring adorable triplets who are so cute but rather a bit pesky as they constantly give their parents a difficult time.

Photo credit: KorPhil Family / Facebook

Kung ako ang nanay ng mga batang ito malamang sa buto’t balat na ako. 🤣🤣🤣 ang kukulit pero ang cute 🤣🤣🤣,” the video was captioned.

In the video, the triplets could be seen walking together as they followed their dad to the car. But while they appeared to be well-behaved at first and waited patiently for their turn, the last kid would actually run away from the car and had to be chased by his dad. Oooops.

Photo credit: KorPhil Family / Facebook

Throughout the video, this happened on several occasions and with different outcomes. There were times when only one kid would be doing this, yet most of the times the other two would also join in on the ‘fun’ – and it would take them much longer to get inside the vehicle and drive off! It would be quite a nightmare having to put these kids in the car at a busy street. Whew.

Photo credit: KorPhil Family / Facebook

Aside from the car-riding problems, the kids were also rather ‘kulit’ inside the house. Changing their clothes and putting them to bed is a constant challenge for their parents.

The long stick their parents sometimes used in the video was absolutely necessary! LOL.

Photo credit: KorPhil Family / Facebook

But while these kids constantly give their parents a hard time, their parents clearly love them all and could still be seen smiling in the video even at the most challenging moments.

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