How to Replace a Lamp Socket with a Push-Button Switch

Did you know that it’s easy to replace the entire lamp switch and socket? If your lamp socket is broken or no longer works, you don’t have to throw your entire lamp away and buy a new one!

How to Replace a Lamp Switch and Socket

Step 1. Take the plug out. You don’t want to be working on your wires with a plugged lamp!

Check if you actually need to just fix a broken lamp switch or replace the entire socket. Proceed to the next steps if the socket has to be replaced.

Step 2. Determine the type of socket.

There are many different types of sockets, including ones with a pull chain. But this particular lamp has a push-button feature.

Step 3. Check the cord.

Make sure that the electrical cord is free from damage.

It’s also a good idea to choose a pliable wire because a wire that’s too stiff can easily become brittle. When that happens, the insulation material can crack and expose the metal parts inside. That can be really dangerous!

Step 4. Pull the socket to extend the wire so you can easily work on it. You can make that easier by pushing the wire from the bottom of the lamp.

Step 5. Remove the shell and the cardboard inside it. Check how the wires are connected to the socket.

Step 6. To replace an old socket with wires built into the bottom, cut the wire. If it’s a socket that’s connected to terminals at the side, unscrew the wires from the terminals.

Step 7. If you had the latter socket, separate the wire for up to 2 inches and strip the ends, just around 1 inch. Twist the wires for each portion so that nothing is loose. Make a loop using the two wires before proceeding.

Step 8. Locate the hot lead from the plug. That’s the thinner metal that sticks out from the plug. The one with the big head is actually the neutral wire.

Step 9. Check if the wire to that hot lead is smooth or ribbed so you determine your hot lead at the end which should go to the gold part of the socket.

Insert the wire clockwise and tighten the screw. Do the same for the neutral wire.

Step 10. Return the cardboard and the shell over the socket. Push the socket into place.

Step 11. Add the bulb. Plug your lamp and check if it works.

Watch the tutorial video here:

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