Hardworking Student Who Sells Peanuts During Free Time, Earns Praise from Netizens

While a lot of students these days are busy hanging out at computer shops or even at popular coffee shops to indulge in their daily fix of high-end coffee, there are those who can’t even afford to pay for a meal and have to work hard so they can pay for their tuition fees.

At the University of the Cordilleras in Baguio City, Philippines, a first year Criminology student who hails from Pangasinan has earned praise from netizens because he works hard to earn extra cash during his free time, to pay for his college tuition fees.

In a post that has gone viral on Facebook, Ric Dulatre shared a photo of the hardworking student. Although the student was not named in the post, many people expressed admiration over his diligence.

Even Dulatre was impressed by this young man. According to Dulatre, this young man would sell the peanuts every day, bringing along a pail. He does not feel ashamed of what he is doing.

Instead of trying to hide what he’s doing from his peers as other students might feel, this young man was proud of what he’s doing and even sells the peanuts at the school’s main campus in the morning. Then, he spends his afternoons in class at UC Legarda campus.

Dulatre said that students like this young man truly deserve to be the ones given scholarship so they can study for free because they work hard to achieve their dreams. A lot of netizens said that they are sure this young man will be successful in life.

Many also said they are inspired by this young man. They also hoped that he would be a good example to many kids out there who are just wasting their parents’ money and don’t even study hard because they feel confident they can succeed in life because their parents are rich.