Dog Saves Owner after Phone Charger Melts While He’s Sleeping

Social media user Charles Rafols expressed gratitude for his dog on Facebook after the latter saved him from danger while he was sleeping. According to Rafols, he was sleeping soundly in his room and was charging his phone under his bed when he woke up to his dog’s incessant barking.

At the time, Rafols was using a different charger for his phone but did not know that the incompatible charger had overheated his phone and the heat was also melting the wire!

Thanks to his dog Taff, Rafols was able to wake up just in time to remove the charger from the plug! He quickly removed the phone’s battery, too. It was definitely a close call! The melted part of the charger had already stuck to the soft material on his bed covering and could have sparked a fire a few minutes, even seconds, later if he wasn’t able to remove it immediately.

As he was sleeping really soundly, it would have been impossible for him to wake up before that happened – and surely it was the dog who saved him from certain danger!

Who knows what could have happened if he didn’t have a dog at the time? The charger could have caused fire on his bed and burn him to death or the phone could have even exploded as the heat would have damaged the batteries! Indeed, there had been a lot of horror stories about exploding phones these days that it was just great that Rafols managed to escape this one, thanks to Taff.

Rafols added a warning for others not to charge their phones while they sleep and to stop using incompatible charges to prevent accidents like that from ever happening to them.

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