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Gym Instructor Bullies Small Guy, Ends Up Getting Knocked Out in One Punch

There are some people who just think that they are better than others, looking down on other people whom they think are not as good as they are. But there’s this saying that it’s not good to judge a book by its cover – and this was recently proven by a small guy who was bullied by a gym instructor.

Photo credit: 看世界貓眼 / YouTube

In a video that has gone viral on YouTube, someone shared CCTV footage taken at a gym believed to be somewhere in China.

Photo credit: 看世界貓眼 / YouTube

Wearing full workout gear, a bigger guy identified to be a gym instructor was accidentally hit by a smaller guy who was just passing by. The gym instructor got angry. Seeing that the guy who hit him was smaller, he thought it was time to teach this guy a ‘lesson’.

Even while there were other people in the gym, the bigger guy slapped the smaller one to show him who’s boss. The smaller guy decided to just let the matter pass, walking away even if the gym instructor’s hit must have hurt him.

Photo credit: 看世界貓眼 / YouTube

The gym instructor did not like that the smaller guy just walked away. Raring for a fight, he followed the smaller guy and grabbed him by his shirt collar’s back. This time, though, the smaller guy had enough of the gym instructor’s bullying.

Photo credit: 看世界貓眼 / YouTube

Knowing that the bigger guy was just power tripping, the smaller guy decided it was time to fight back. So, the bullied guy turned around and gave the gym instructor a left hook. Amazingly, the smaller guy had such a powerful punch that the gym instructor got knocked out to the ground. Ouch.

The video quickly went viral, with many netizens applauding the smaller guy for standing up against this bully gym instructor.

Photo credit: 看世界貓眼 / YouTube

Watch the video here and be impressed by this small guy with a big punch:

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