Guy Promotes Self as Boyfriend for Rent, with Top Qualifications in Impressive Presentation

A guy promotes self as boyfriend for rent, just in time for CNY (Chinese New Year). And the top qualifications in his impressive presentation got netizens laughing. But you’ve got to give him props for creativity!

Guy Promotes Self as Boyfriend for Rent for CNY

In many places in Asia, special occasions like Chinese New Year, Christmas, or New Year’s Eve often mean family reunions.

And with such gatherings come awkward moments with old folks who keep asking the younger generations about their careers or love life direction! Just imagine getting asked the same question over and over again by different people, year after year: “Why don’t you have a boyfriend – don’t you have plans to get married?”

Arthur Yeow understands how a lot of ladies feel about this situation, and found a need he can fill! So, he created a rather impressive presentation entitled, “Renting a Boyfriend. The economical answer to CNY 2022.

He even created a side by side comparison of parents’ expectations versus what today’s youth are actually interested in.

Parents want a respectable occupation, when youths just want enough sleep,” he points out in the slide.

He pointed out in his sales pitch that 80% of young adults get questioned by relatives about their partners in CNY.

Interest begins to increase at 18-25yo and peaks at 26-30yo. Key drivers include: grandparents looking for great-grandchildren, CNY chatter fodder and ancestral peer pressure,” he explained, using a graph for emphasis.

He also offered a list of his qualifications, with hilarious “bonus points” such as, “Has abs so you can do your laundry if your washing machine breaks down.”

He even has “multiple personalities” and customization options for ladies to choose from – so, would you rent a guy for CNY? LOL

Chinese New Year Celebration

Chinese New Year Celebration is one of the biggest celebrations in China and other parts of Asia. Traditional activities can include:

  • Firecrackers and fireworks
  • Dragon dance
  • Family reunions
  • Offering sacrifices to ancestors
  • CNY decorations
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